Infrastructure and
Private Equity

Investing and developing infrastructure projects and high-impact companies

Shree Enterprises

Established on 16 August 1988, the company acts as the local business development partner to government and private infrastructure investors, contractors and consultants for their expansion into government infrastructure projects in Nepal. The company primarily focuses on design consultation and construction of hydropower and road projects.

SIBKRIM Holdings

Established in 26 March 1991 as an investment holding company for the IJ Group in various real estate and operating industries. SIBKRIM is the long term permanent capital investment vehicle for the IJ Group.

Prestellar Ventures

Prestellar Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund that seeks to partner with passionate entrepreneurs and disruptive startups across South Asia and ASEAN. In addition to financial investment, the company provide the necessary infrastructure and guidance to help entrepreneurs shoot for the stars. The team of proven company builders join hands with founders in all operational, strategic and financial challenges while their partner organizations provide immense business development value.

IJ Capital Partners

IJ Capital Partners is the private equity and private equity advisory arm of the balance sheet investments made by the IJ Group. IJCP also provides advisory services to private equity funds and companies based in Nepal for their growth, strategy and operations.